Lindley DeVecchio was the CIA and NY Mafia's Bag Man in the NY FBI.

Accused of four counts of murder by the Brooklyn DA, he's still at large in Florida.


DeVecchio Doing his "Perp Walk" in Brooklyn Court

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3/24/11 UPDATE:

DeVecchio's New Book is Out:
"We're Going to Win This Thing: The Shocking Frame-Up of a Mafia Crime Buster."

Ironically, the front cover photo here is by the New York Times' photographer Robert Stolarik, the SAME photographer who was punched by FBI friends of DeVecchio during DeVecchio's "perp walk" in 2006!

The "most helpful" review on Amazon gives the book one star.

3/23/11-The Village Voice Completely Blows It, Once Again.
Defamatory reporting about Linda Schiro, published 3/23/11 >>


8.19.09 NY Post:

Front Cover: Megaphone 8

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DeVecchio's Role in the Railroad-ing of FBI Whistle-blower Richard Taus

My 2006 feature article written right after DeVecchio was indicted in Brooklyn court on four counts of murder.

Why is DeVecchio's underling Richard Taus in jail for a flimsy accusastion, and DeVecchio is free?

Taus Graduation Photo

"DeVecchio involved a lot of people.”

-CIA's Edwin Wilson

This article was originally published in the NY Megaphone, August, 2008:

DeVecchio Graphic: Two Headed Worm w/ Scarpa

A Dive to the Mat

Why Did the Trial of the Mafia's Mole in the New York FBI Fall Apart?


By Sander Hicks


On March 23, 2006, the Brooklyn DA indicted FBI supervisory agent R. Lindley DeVecchio on four counts of murder. The Brooklyn DA called it one of the "worst law enforcement corruption cases in U.S. history." But even worse was the way the trial collapsed, quickly and quietly last fall. Most people have never heard about any of this.

 DeVecchio was "Mr. Organized Crime"—the head of the Colombo crime squad, New York’s Mafia family of Colombos, Gambinos, Luccheses, and Genoveses. DeVecchio was indicted for helping bloodthirsty Colombo don Greg Scarpa, Sr. kill informers and rivals. The trial was closely followed by those interested in the bigger picture of FBI corruption in NYC. DeVecchio’s story overlaps with that of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, CIA penetration of the FBI, and the 9/11 attacks. Even the final episode of “The Sopranos” has a line that was based on something DeVecchio said at the FBI. Tony Soprano’s “we’re going to win this one” is what DeVecchio proclaimed victoriously to the FBI’s Chris Favo when Scarpa’s rival was blown away. Favo grew alarmed at the time, but an internal investigation at FBI went nowhere.

 DeVecchio’s prosecution in Brooklyn stopped abruptly in November, 2007, when the Village Voice’s Tom Robbins produced 11-year-old audiotapes. Scarpa’s ex-girlfriend was the star witness with intimate knowledge of Scarpa’s misdeeds, and DeVecchio’s role. But the Robbins tapes showed the ex-girlfriend, Linda Schiro, in the past had denied DeVecchio played a role in some of the killings.

Lead prosecutor Michael Vecchione told reporters during a break in the 2007 trial, “Of course she made prior inconsistent statements back then….Lin DeVecchio was still checking in on her, still supported her, and gave her a sense that he was protecting her… she may not have been telling the truth then, but she is now, under oath.” A day later, the prosecution reversed course, and surrendered their case.

Free that night, DeVecchio flaunted his unrepentant love of Mafia culture by dining at Sparks, the Times Square restaurant famous for the 1985 mob slaying of Gambino Godfather Paul Castellano.

How could the “biggest case of law enforcement corruption” be derailed by a couple of old cassette tapes, you ask? Tom Robbins, in his interview with the Megaphone, was shocked that the prosecution quit so quickly. But he disagreed with the theory that the DA could have “taken a dive.”

“What, did you go to law school? I’m trying to have a conversation with you here,” laughed Robbins. He evaded the question of DeVecchio’s guilt or innocence.

        The New York Times misstated that the Robbins tapes showed that “Mr. DeVecchio had not been involved in the murders.” Robbins himself said that that was not accurate. “She did in fact put DeVecchio into one murder.” he said.

Linda Schiro implicated DeVecchio in the killing of Patrick Porco, who witnessed a Scarpa family hit on Halloween, 1989. Lin DeVecchio told Scarpa, Sr. that Porco was likely to rat about it. “Come on, Dad, what are you crazy?” Joey Scarpa pleaded with his father. “Patrick would never do that.”

“He got killed for doing nothing else really except for hanging out with a bunch of numb-nuts.” Robbins told the Megaphone “It grabs at your heart. He was a kid.” Porco was 19.

Robbins became notably anxious when asked about his former writing partner, Jerry Capeci, who shared bylines with him at The Daily News back in the 90’s. Capeci now writes about the Mafia for his New York Sun column “Gangland.” The Megaphone asked Robbins about the rumors that Capeci was being fed information by Lin DeVecchio himself at the time.

“You’re backing something I know nothing about. But look, Sander, let me tell you something about etiquette. You don’t ask other reporters who their sources are.”

FBI Special Agent Chris Favo accused DeVecchio of feeding Capeci Mafia-related information. Favo said that he stopped talking to DeVecchio on Mondays so that FBI intelligence would stop appearing in Jerry Capeci’s column on Tuesdays.

“I have no idea whether or not that’s true. You’re calling me and asking me a question, all right, and I can tell you this, all right, what I did and what I wrote, had nothing to do with anything that Lin DeVecchio may have done for or against me, or anyone I know. OK? I did it because I found some tapes, in a closet, that went directly to the chief witness in this case. And I didn’t see how I could sit on that, since the guy was facing life in prison. So I went public with it.”

As reporters, Robbins and Capeci shared bylines on important news stories regarding Greg Scarpa, Sr. They broke the bizarre, controversial pieces that revealed that Greg Scarpa, Sr. had himself worked for the FBI in Mississippi in 1964, to expose who murdered four civil rights workers. Together, Capeci and Robbins wrote about the tainted blood transfusion that infected Scarpa with HIV and killed him.


CIA Connections

Edwin Wilson is a 15-year veteran of the CIA, released from prison three years ago, when a Houston judge redacted Wilson’s conviction on smuggling charges. He told The New York Megaphone. “I thought it was kind of interesting how the FBI guys all hung around [ DeVecchio] real close to give him bail money and all this kind of stuff. Which really told me that there was a lot involved in this, and they were sweating like hell.”

Wilson is referring to the FBI friends who paid DeVecchio’s bail. DeVecchio’s support group, The Friends of DeVecchio Trust, included FBI heavyweights like James Kallstrom, the former head of the FBI in New York. DeVecchio’s “perp walk” out of court that day enjoyed the escort of a phalanx of about 45 angry FBI agents and retirees. They punched photographers, and bragged on their website about “body-checking” reporters.

Lin DeVecchio had been a witness against Edwin Wilson at a 1983 trial, when the media, CIA and law enforcement turned against the CIA “rogue.” DeVecchio had worked for CIA when he went under-cover into prison and recorded the alleged death threat from Wilson. Wilson was sentenced to 52 years behind bars.


1993 WTC Bombing

From the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, to 9/11, to the present, the FBI’s New York Office (NYO) has always had a bizarre relationship with terrorists. In 1990, radical Islamist “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel-Rahman was pulled into the USA, despite being on the State Department’s “terrorist watch-list.” Rahman had been helpful to US/CIA interests in the fight against the USSR in Afghanistan. He was spiritual leader of the “Jersey City Mosque” whose members took the blame for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

The New York FBI, of course, had informants inside the Jersey City Mosque. One was named Emad Salem. As the Jersey City terrorists planned the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, Salem made audio recordings of his conversations, including one with John Anticev, his FBI handler. After the attack, Salem told Anticev, on tape, that they had “built the bomb with the supervising supervision of the FBI.”

It was NY FBI who were in charge of “tracking” Bin Laden, as the Bin Laden “office of origin.” But just like Blind Sheikh Rahman, Bin Laden had been a key figure in the CIA’s proxy war against the USSR in Afghanistan. His CIA code name had been “Tim Osman.”

The son of DeVecchio’s Mafia informant, Greg Scarpa, Jr. became an FBI informant himself when he was incarcerated next to Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the ’93 World Trade Center bombing. Greg Scarpa, Jr. had been involved in murders with his father. He claimed DeVecchio was intimately involved.

So why, then, did Greg Scarpa, Jr., currently incarcerated in Colorado, not get called as a witness in the DeVecchio trial? Perhaps because the raw intelligence Scarpa Jr. provided the FBI in 1996 showed that the FBI knew about terrorist “mastermind” Ramzi Yousef planning new attacks on the World Trade Center five years before 9/11/01.

The Friends of DeVecchio Trust has often pointed out that DeVecchio “saved” the life of a Federal prosecutor. In 1983, Edwin Wilson had been doubled-crossed by the CIA, and was stewing in jail. According to DeVecchio, an angry Wilson said he wanted to hire a hit man to kill the prosecutor. Wilson claims this is a lie.

“It was just a railroad job, it really was. They wanted to put me away, in a way that, for sure I would never get out.” Wilson, who just turned 80, would still be in prison today if it weren’t for a series of dogged Freedom of Information Act requests, and a good attorney. Wilson proved he did have a relationship with the CIA, after his official retirement. He was able to prove that, at his original trial for selling explosives to Libya, the CIA lied in Federal court.


The Taus Railroading

Was DeVecchio indeed working for CIA when he was involved in the case against Wilson? It seems certain when you talk to someone who worked for DeVecchio at that time. Richard Taus is an ex-FBI Special Agent incarcerated inside Clinton Correctional, facility, in far upstate New York. In our interview, Taus seemed healthy, unbeaten and unbowed. "If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and looks like a duck, guess what it is?" he said with a tired smile.

Taus tells of observing Oliver North and NY-area CIA assets moving narcotics as a part of a clandestine, illegal international operation in 1983, years before “Iran/Contra” became a household name. DeVecchio tried to keep Taus quiet, but when Taus refused, he was harassed, and then arrested. Eventually, Taus was sentenced to 33 to 90 years for pedophilia, in a lightning-fast Nassau County trial, in which the prosecution used no expert witnesses. Habeus Corpus complaints filed by Taus pointed out that his jury was tainted.

“All of those guys, they start to believe their own bullshit. They put people away, they hide evidence, in order to get convictions,” Edwin Wilson told the Megaphone on the phone from his basement apartment in a suburb of Seattle. "DeVecchio involved a lot of people.”

The case originally had been recommended to the DA’s office by a member of Congress, based on the work of New Jersey forensics expert Angela Clemente. Clemente broke her media silence on the trial’s collapse with this comment to the Megaphone:

“Mr. DeVecchio and his supporters, representing our nation’s top law enforcement officials, have demonstrated a public display of disgusting arrogance and utter disregard for the rules of law. The Federal Bureau of Investigation should be ashamed.”

The Brooklyn D.A. took a dive to the mat. Who pressured them to take that dive, so early in the fight? The DA’s office refused to answer a set of questions from the New York Megaphone.



Government By Mafia

Is the DeVecchio/Scarpa collusion a freak anomaly? Or are there historical precedents? Two experts weigh in.


Who Killed the Kennedys?

By Jim Fetzer


The Mafia and CIA played a major role in the killing of the Kennedys, and the paper trail is quite rich. Noel Twyman, in Bloody Treason, identified mob bosses Carlos Marcello, Santo Trafficante, and Sam Giancana as three prominent figures who talked about the assassination before or after the event. In Double Cross author Chuck Giancana has some interesting conversations with his brother, Chicago mob boss Sam Giacana. “The entire conspiracy went right up to the top of the CIA,” Sam said. He claimed that some of its former and present leaders were involved, as well as a “half-dozen fanatical right-wing Texans, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, and Bay of Pigs Action Officer under Eisenhower, Richard Nixon.” Collusion between the CIA and the Mafia was common at the time, including two dozen unsuccessful efforts to take out Castro. The more Chuck Giancana understood what his brother Sam was telling him, the more apparent it became that “there were few, if any, lines of demarcation between the Outfit and the CIA.”


Jim Fetzer edited Assassination Science (1998), Murder in Dealey Plaza (2000), and The Great Zapruder Film Hoax (2003).




Mafia and FBI Role in Killing of Rev. Martin Luther King

By William Pepper


As the evidence in the King case clearly indicated, American intelligence collaborated with the Marcello mafia organization and its working members in Memphis to organize the assassination of Dr. King on the ground. This kind of working relationship provided the ever-necessary plausible deniability, though there was a military back up prepared to intervene if the civilian sniper failed. He did not. The FBI, in collaboration with American military, intelligence and local law enforcement officials, ensured that the crime was covered up. The Bureau had profiled the patsy James Earl Ray and arranged his escape from prison. They made him available for the fall.



William F. Pepper is author of An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King and is active in the NYC Ballot Initiative for an independent investigation into the 9/11 attacks. He was a friend of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.