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"A splendid mix of intellectualism and seething, dangerous rage...Sander Hicks is the sort of angry young man who can scream about financial scandals and have it be moving."
—Worcester InCity Times

The Breaking Manager: 3 Plays
"Elegant self-empowerment and energy."
—Allen Ginsberg

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9/11 Info Extras:
documents from my recent story on 9/11 for LI Press


Sander Hicks Interviews Daniel Hopsicker >>

Documents of the Hilliard/DuBain Connection >>

Sander Hicks Interviews Richard Ben-Veniste >>

My Special Dossier on Former CIA chief John McCone >>


Wallace Hilliard lent Jerry Falwell a cool million and never got paid back. >>


Part One Interviews
9/11 Widow Ellen Mariani >>
Her Attorney Phil Berg >>
9/11 Fund Master Ken Feinberg >>

9/11 Citizens Watch's John Judge >>

Overview/Highlights from Part One Interviews >>
Reader Feedback:


Your article is great. I'm relieved that there are facts to support a theory that I've had since day one (I was starting to feel even more loopy than usual). My first reaction to 9/11 was that it wasn't an accident.

—Liz Hay

Great article, Sander....very informative and a bit disturbing. Thanks for sharing it and for digging deep into and reporting on these issues.

—Erinne O'Hara

Great job. I really hope that there are a lot of "Real Americans" out there, and I hope they make as much noise as possible... and soon. The world is becoming a very frightening place.

—John Genovy


The 9/11 Tr
uth Movement:


Part 1:
Widows Lead Growing Effort To Expose What The Government Knew >>

Part 2
No Easy Answer: Heroin, Al Qaeda And The Florida Flight School


Sidebar on The 9/11 National Commission
DC Insiders, Lawyers and Major Players >>










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