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New NEWS in the Sander music Dept:

New page on SonicBids has a sneak peak at some of my new songs. 


"In a recent performance at Desmond's Tavern, Hicks jumped across tables and lassoed chairs with a microphone cord while starring down nonbelievers. When he called for revolution – at the time he was spinning from a ceiling fan - the band clicked immediately into tight punk cabaret and a friend turned
 to me and said, "this is the best band ever."

“I believed him: my neck  was shivering and I was ready to storm the White House. WCC are the real thing: Crass and DK, a band for cocktail hour, The Sound of Music, the best live band of 2001.
—Brandon Stousy, Prose Acts

“White Collar Crime is doing one helluva job re-inventing punk rock in their own vaudeville type manor. …The band's lyrical content focuses on a lot of political matter, yet they do so in a surprisingly catchy manner.”
-Kurt Morris, Action Attack Helicopter

outside Desmonds


wobblies poster with WCC

Colt, Hicks, Miller

White Collar Crime flails around at Punk Island, 2011
Sing along with lyrics to White Collar Crime Fight Song.
Wcc Live
way too close


Sander Hicks gets it. Hicks, lead singer/songwriter of the punk band "White Collar Crime" and publisher of the radical Soft Skull Press is the sort of angry young man who can scream about financial scandals and have it be moving. This is a wonderfully anti-establishmentarian album, the kind of album we don't see much of these days: a splendid mix of intellectualism and seething, dangerous rage, ala the Clash and Bad Religion before they started sucking. Which is important, because with the guys running the country now? Their laws ARE dimwit greed, and they HAVEN'T worked for anything, and we need to let them know that we're upset about it. Upset enough to bust some heads.

Victor Infante
Worcester InCity Times