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Why I Love Summersault

I've been on the web with Summersault since about 1997, when they coded and hosted the first versions of Soft Skull Press's books and literature site, Mark and Chris were always really personal, friendly, warm folks. They answered the phone and were always there. We stuck with them.

Eventually, they helped code the e-commerce engine that helped sell books directly to the public. Mark and Chris were happy to share knowledge about user-friendliness and customer usablity. brought in $30,000 in 2000 and $68,000 in 2001, thanks to their help. Plus, when I needed a new skateboard deck, Mark traded me one for a book of art by Ryan McGinness!

Hey! There's Mark now! Skate Tough, Brotha!!


Summersault represents what's great about small business: they care about the work, they treat their customers like equals and they are building inside their community. I recommend that people check with them for high quality web hosting and design work. They've done a lot of different kinds of projects, and they seem to always make people happy. They will treat you right.


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