punk blasts off into truth


New pix by Jamie Onderdonk

Easter at our party in the backyard—Coleman (lead singer Sander's 4 -year-old) grabs the mike and sings leads on "Bronco."

"I am a Bronco and I want to be free."

Rebel Moon is a special kind of band. It's like early Talking Heads. And Crass.

When you come to Rebel Moon, bring questions, bring neglected news stories. We will write songs about the audience's ideas, on the spot, on occasion.

People say we sound like the Clash, and that's great, Joe Strummer watches over this band.

REBEL MOON is: Steve deSeve on bass, Wendy Scher on drums, Sander Hicks on front man, guitar and some organ.


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New EP Out Now in Mp4 format:

I am a Bronco.
(NEW ska/rock anthem just released!)

The Waltz for Rachel Corrie,

No Conspiracy Theory.



Rachel Corrie lyrics>>

Lyrics to "No Conspiracy Theory."

These songs were released by Rebel Moon in Late Summer 2010 conjunction with the Truth Gathering.





White Collar Crime, precursor to the Moon!


RIP Joe Strummer