"A splendid mix of intellectualism and seething, dangerous rage...Sander Hicks is the sort of angry young man who can scream about financial scandals and have it be moving."
—Worcester InCity Times

The Breaking Manager:
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"Sander is Kick Ass. No other way to describe him....What he’s leaving behind is a one of a kind body of work, a lot of affection, and the imprint of his energy and originality."

—Todd London, Artistic Director, New Dramatists
From remarks upon Hicks' graduation from New Dramatists

"His works deal almost always with problems of the overeducated and underemployed, of philosophies not quite elastic enough to make sense in the postmodern world, and of the role of responsibility in a nation whose morality is increasingly becoming a matter of wealth."
— Eric Zass, Kyezine

"Sander's theater and publishing efforts bespeak an elegant self-empowerment and energy"
—Allen Ginsberg, 1993

"Hicks' unflinching expression undoubtedly makes some people uncomfortable. But it also inspires laughter and discussion that is worth the discomfort and deserving of a wider audience."
—Jason Kelly, South Bend Tribune

The Critics on Hicks' last play The Breaking Light:

"In his play The Breaking Light, Sander Hicks describes the emergence of ideological crisis...embodied in the terms by which our current politics are wrought: boardroom bragadoccio, cutthroat rivalries, cynical marketing strategies and demagogic self-help rituals."
—Douglas Manson, Buffalo New York, from introductory remarks

"The Breaking Light Sander Hicks' dark-as-night satire knowingly skewers corporate avarice. The workers do indeed rise up, but Hicks wisely resists the temptation to pretty up the carnage."
Sandra Ross, LA Weekly

"The Breaking Light, 'is silly, refreshing and very clever. It hops like its author from thought to thought, but with a logical, tongue-in-cheek foundation. Hicks himself is critical of the play, writing in an email that it is a 'sprawling chaotic machine. It tries to think all the thoughts at once.'"
—Donna Ladd, from her March 2001 feature on Sander Hicks in Silicon Alley Reporter

Plays Available at SanderHicks.com:

Sarcoxie & Sealove, 2001
Cash Cow, 1994
Sealove, Manager, 1996
The Breaking Light, 1998, revised 2001

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