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The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistle-Blowers, & The Cover-Up

Long Island Press (9/22/05):
Truth seekers, conspiracy theorists or even just inquiring minds are obligated to pick up a copy of gonzo journalist/author Sander Hicks’ The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistle-Blowers, & The Cover-Up. Based on four years’ worth of Hicks’ reporting and research, the book digs deep—and then goes deeper, revealing new evidence that the Bush White House had prior knowledge of the World Trade Center attacks and did nothing to stop it. Why? You'll have to read the book to find out.

From LitKicks.com (9/9/05):

There are muckrakers out there, journalists who prod and poke and grope their way to the truth. And then there are a rare few who just break stuff. Sander Hicks, publisher of Vox Pop, is one of the most dynamic political troublemakers on the scene. Once he starts gnawing on a case—whether it has to do with George Bush’s sordid past or the relationships between the US government and foreign terrorist groups leading to 9-11— you know he's going to keep biting until something snaps, and something is revealed.

Amazon.com Reader Review (9/29/05):
Most books that investigate 9/11 have good info, but are boring as hell to read. I can say that with some authority because I have read ALL of them. Hicks' style is like no other. This book was actually exciting to read and there are details here that no other book on the subject can touch.

From Publishers Weekly (9/05):

Soft Skull Press founder and 9/11 Commission Report critic Hicks argues for a "high degree of 9/11 foreknowledge on the part of the military/ intelligence complex" in this exhortation to disbelieve the Bush administration's “web of lies.” The book marshals a bewildering array of sources and testimony—all filtered through Hicks's outraged sensibility—in an effort to implicate the U.S. government in the 9/11 attacks. Hicks identifies a compromised relationship between the CIA, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International and Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, which, he asserts, has ties to al-Qaeda—thus the U.S. link to 9/11 and the government's relentless efforts to keep it concealed. Hicks relies on the research and testimony of numerous “rejected, truthful freelance mavericks,” including Randy Glass, a jewelry con man and FBI informant who says he caught wind of threats to the World Trade Center in 1999; Daniel Hopsicker, an investigative journalist…and Delmart Vreeland, a con man who claims he was a U.S. intelligence operative discredited for his 9/11 foreknowledge. Shocking exposé or gonzo conspiracy theory? This screed's credibility will depend on its readers' politics.

From the Foreword by Anthony Lappé,
(True Lies):
Imagine Henry Rollins meets the young Bob Woodward—a clean-cut, hard-as-nails punk with the reporting chops to take on an empire. Hicks is out to do nothing less than expose the planet's most insidious nexus: the jihadists, bankers, mercenaries, drug dealers, and so-called leaders who are currently pantomiming their way through a charade they've dubbed the ‘war on terror.’

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9/11, The Whistleblowers & The Cover-Up
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