Slingshot to the Juggernaut:
Our Weapon, The Truth

Book Proposal
by Sander Hicks






Sander Hicks, maverick media activist, founder of Soft Skull Press, and Vox Pop Inc. advances a bold new political philosophy. We can get to peace, through truth.

Hicks presents his worldview through a deep examination of the media spectacle and popular manipulation of the War on Terror. His sure-footed investigative reporting takes us through the FBI murder of Dr. David M. Graham, to a broader understanding of just who was behind the 9/11 attacks.

Hicks completes the book's second half with a new vision of the USA must become: the leader in global nonviolence. Using Christianity, world religions, and the best components of the left, and the right, Hicks explains his new party, The Truth Party, and what they have begun with "The Truth Gathering."


Sample Chapters:

Chapter One: How I Became an Exile from NYC
Chapter Two: Who Killed Dr. Graham?
Chapter Three: The Aegis over the 9/11 Patsies
Final Chapter: What We Saw at the Truth Gathering


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