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INN World Report announces that this past weekend’s exclusive interview with former FBI/ATF informant, and 9/11 Whistleblower, Randy Glass is now available to the world at This past weekend, approximately 250,000 viewers, enjoyed our kind of gutsy independent reporting via the Free Speech TV channel on the Dish Network.

Glass, a former diamonds broker, con man and government informant, worked for the FBI and ATF throughout the 90's, in Florida. Glass worked under deep cover and tricked terrorists into buying arms from the ATF and US military. In July 1999, R.G. Abbas, an arms buyer with links to Pakistani Intelligence, had dinner with Glass in downtown New York. Abbas pointed at the World Trade Center and said "those towers are coming down."

In an interview with INN Report’s Sander Hicks, Glass relates how he desperately tried to warn Washington about an impending attack on the Towers, in July 2001. He sent a fax to head of the Senate Intelligence, Senator Bob Graham (D-FLA). According to Glass's extensive files, his fax to Graham reads, "I've told you repeatedly about my terrorist case…the threats of blowing up the World Trade Center…Airplanes being used."

For the first time ever on national television, INN World Report broadcasts a tape of Florida reporter Kathleen Walter confronting Senator Bob Graham. This interview confirms that Glass was communicating with Graham in July 2001, and significantly bolsters Glass's credibility as a 9/11 whistleblower.

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