"The People Will Not Go to War Over Imperialism:
A New Look at 9/11"


Peace Activist Father John Dear Speaks in Taos, NM >>


Vox published little-known info on the Bush Family.
He also made satirical statements
that some found threatening.
On December 13, the Secret Service raided his house.

Meet VOX, former internet publisher.

full story: GNN.tv
Shorter Version in print at Long Island Press


On July 18, 2001, Soft Skull Press's controversial biographer of George W. Bush, Jim Hatfield, was found dead in a hotel room outside of his hometown in Arkansas.

I had been his editor and publisher for almost two years. When I dried my tears days later in New York, I bought a van, hit the road, and investigated Hatfield's suicide.


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Charles "Bill" White Blows the Whistle:

NEW CBC BROADCAST CONFIRMS Bush/Bath/Bin Laden Connection!

On October 29, on Candian TV, Texas Patriot and former Bush associate Bill White confirmed what until then was only speculated:

"Bath had told me that he had used Saudi money to fund George Bush Junior’s start into the Energy business."
"Bath maintain[ed] a revolving line of credit for the Bin Laden Family….It’s six to seven million on the statements that I have."

For Standing up to the Bush Family, White was destroyed in the Texas Courts.

Full transcript from the CBC (with typos and fact-checking errors edited by sanderhicks.com) here! >>

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