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Raphael Diaz was born on Long Island, NY sometime between issuance of the Great Invocation in late May and the birth of the U.N. in late October, 1945, being early-on drawn to movement and music.  A high point in his early adulthood was an extended interface with the mystical Donovan www.donovan.ie during his 1968 U.S. tour, as a cellist with his string quartet.  His musical adventures shortly thereafter led him to the Andes, where he interfaced with a Peace Corps project while developing his own unique presence, touching decidedly upon the unique energies of place present there.  An extended sojourn in Mexico, land of his father’s birth, followed, where he began formally to delve into “spiritual” studies…


Raphael Diaz loves goodness and celebrates nature through sound and movement.  He is mindful of the rising sun, the dance of the moon and the seasons.  He loves the little he understands of esoteric astrology as it assists and enhances his meditative focus in service to the planet.  He once studied Hatha Yoga 40 years ago and his quest for “spiritual” movement eventually drew him to “nature” dances, his two foci being the ancient Cherokee Dance of the Directions www.sunray.org and the PanEuRhythmy dances of Beinsa Douno http://paneurhythmy.us , both of which are intended to open the heart and connect one with all of Creation, and are done outdoors in nature, early in the morning, being especially suited to these times of transition between paradigms.  He follows as best he can the evolution of consciousness (individual and group) and the unfolding of events upon our planet, and how these two can be used by humanity to birth a new way of relating to all life…for the common good and general welfare.  He takes care to be discerning and discriminatory, acknowledging intuition as guide, and is inclusive of all humanity and those who may or may not be human…warts and all. 

The Directions and Consciousness

The meditation practice that comes through the Ywahoo teachings is most ancient; it is said to be over 133,000 years old.  The practice makes clear the channels within the body so that one can experience the true nature of one’s mind and recognize subtle relationship with the world around.  Our physical form is the outer manifestation, what we are wearing.   The mind, it has no clothes.  To understand the nature of our own mind is to understand the gifts of life. 


The Dance of the Directions is a very wondrous aspect of the Sunray practice, the practice followed by students of these teachings.  It is a very simple practice based on movements and exercises…


The purpose of the Dance of the Directions is to align the unmanifest potential with the vortex of manifestation.  It enables one to perceive the inherent clarity of mind.  A society’s illness, a planet’s illness, and individual’s illness is only the result of obscuration in the channels of the mind.  So this sacred dance is an opportunity to recognize that clarity, and to turn aside whatever thought forms may have accumulated within one’s own channels.  It also makes the human body stronger…"




“The tremendous interest now being shown in PanEuRhythmy and in sacred dance and movement, reflects a growing and intuitive understanding that the universal truths expressed throughout the ages by the great teachers of the world, can be resumed and expressed not only in words, but also in form and movement and sound.  In this way, these truths become expressed at the most manifest level of our being while becoming infused with a sense of joy, vitality and exchange.  The dance then transcends any one particular group or teaching and speaks directly to the Self.


We find that through dancing the PanEuRhythmy we develop an increasing sense of attunement to the forces of Living Nature, and to the Divine Creative Spirit.  As we dance, we move to a greater integration between our bodies, hearts and minds.  We also build a greater sense of harmony and common purpose between all those participating, as also between ourselves and those radiant beings of the ‘invisible’ world who work with us at such times.


The PanEuRhythmy is a dance of unity and exchange at all levels of Being – a living mandala of spiritual Light in which we share and move and give of ourselves, receiving in turn vitality and poise, calm and radiance…” Philip Carr-Gomm  An Introduction to PanEuRhythmy


-Dhyani Ywahoo, Voices of Our Ancestors, pp 170-171