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Revolutionary commodities! The Breaking Manager: 3 Plays
and the CD from White Collar Crime available. >>

"A splendid mix of intellectualism and seething, dangerous rage...Sander Hicks is the sort of angry young man who can scream about financial scandals and have it be moving."
—Worcester InCity Times

The Breaking Manager: 3 Plays
"Elegant self-empowerment and energy."
—Allen Ginsberg

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The Handbook
to Election Year Politics

Can Studying the '92 and '00 Campaig
ns Help Tell Us What to Expect?
A New Set of Documents to Help You Cope.

I. Memoir Notes from the '92 Campaign: >>

Sander Hicks' review and notes on
All's Fair: Love, War, and Running for President
by James Carville and Mary Matalin.


II. Hicks on Rove: Bush's Brain >>

Originally published in Heads Magazine, Toronto. Released to the web for the first time!

Let's get to know Rove, he's Bush's Brain.
This piece also analyzes the work of Bush Strategist David Horowitz, the guy who hung up the phone on Hicks during their raging interview.

"Karl Rove, America's top kingmaker is a college drop-out, a former consultant to big tobacco giant Philip Morris, a self-taught historian and George W. Bush's brain. He doesn't blink. He doesn't hesitate before the kill. If not for Rove, and if not for his ruthlessness, the hapless preppie George W. Bush would not be in the White House today." >>


III. "This Guy is Not Running This Place."

Ex-Texas Attorney General Jim Mattox relates first hand experiences with
Reagan, Dubya and Rove.

From the unpublished interview by Sander Hicks, a Exclusive! >>

"Reagan pulled index cards out of his inside coat pocket. The whole discussion was as if he was talking to the PTA, clearly not appropriate to the group he was talking to." full text >>


















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