“Sander's a fantastic community builder, super-entrepreneur (in a good way), and a lover of people. He's got an infectious appetite for the truth, and for bringing people into the fold.”

Joshua Levy
Vox Pop’s Most Dedicated Customer in 2007

“Sander is always there to cover the tough stories, he's a hard hitting journalist who asks the important questions. Sander is also a great entrepreneur. I recommend him for any tough job that has to get done.”

Paul DeRienzo, TV Producer and News Writer,
INN World Report
Worked directly with Sander at INN World Report TV

“Sander is a brilliant community organizer with an incisive mind and sense of humor. As both a creative and entrepreneurial mind, Sander is a positive force in any situation he decides to tackle.”

Lach, Manager,
Fortified Management
Worked directly with Sander at Vox Pop INC.

“His style is like full throttle and right at you...Sander Hicks is definitely a doer. The man has created an empire with a megaphone, a picket sign, and a good cup of joe.

Mannix Gordon,
Director of Economic Development,
Flatbush Development Corporation,
worked with Sander at Vox Pop INC.

“Sander is a community leader and business person who has helped his neighborhood immeasurably. His skills are evident in the way he cares for his business, his customers, and his colleagues.”

Jay Fleischman

“Sander...empowers his community by offering his cafe, Vox Pop as a space for artistic, creative, and political free expression to anyone and everyone.”

Daniel Packer,
Principal, X To Infinity, LLC
Was a consultant to Sander at Vox Pop/DKMC

"A genial, literary punk."

The Washington Post





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