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Small Slingshot

Slingshot to the Juggernaut!
The New Book
Coming Out Nov 2011

Slingshot to the Juggernaut:
Total Resistance to the Death Machine Means Complete Love of the Truth.

by Sander Hicks
November, 2011
Soft Skull Press


Opening Invocation   

Chapter 1    David and Goliath   

9/11 Truth Among the Dead, the Living, and the Terrorists’ CIA Drinking Buddies: David M. Graham, Lt. Col Shaffer, & Wolfgang Bohringer.  

Chapter Two: Who Killed David Graham?   

Chapter Three: Able Danger
The Story of Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, the Good Solider, Silenced.   

Chapter 4: Wolfgang Bohringer: 
Mohammed Atta’s CIA Drinking Buddy   

Part II: New York Stories

Chapter Five: Police State New York   

Chapter Six:   The WTC Collapse, Jerry Hauer, and the NYC Anthrax Connection   
Questioning the Collapse   
Dead Scapegoat: Bruce Ivins   

Chapter Seven: The New York 9/11 Spitzer-Silverstein Insurance Scam   

Chapter Eight: A Dive to the Mat:   
Why Did the Trial of the Mafia's Mole in the New York FBI Fall Apart?   

Chapter Nine.   
Legal Resistance and Counter-Resistance in New York City   

Chapter 10: Supreme Repression Results in Supreme Resistance   
It Gets Personal   

Reprisals for Investigating the FBI Murder of Dr. Graham   
Vox Pop is Shut Down   
From Police State to Truth State   

PART III: From Bad to Worse

11.    The Problem of Evil: From the Pope to the Devil to Postmodernism   

The Devil in The Vatican   
Franklin Scandal   

12.    The Holocaust Effect   

Holocaust Truth   
Israel And 9/11   
Urban Moving Systems   
International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS)   
Courage to Speak the Truth: NeoCon Dual Citizens   
Let’s List the Dual Citizens   
Special Legal Nuances for Israeli Dual Citizens   
Recognizing The Holocaust Effect   
Meet Dov Hikind   
Where is God?   

13.    The Company of Dogs: A Personal Look at the CIA   
CIA Since 1947: Assassins of Democracy   
Obama Marketing Vs. the Burning Desire for Truth   

14.    A Boy Named Barry: Searching for the Real Barack Obama   
CIA Family: Stanley, Barry, & Lolo   
Grandma was a CIA Black Ops Financier   
The USAID Connections   
Why It Matters   

15.    ANTHRAX: Cracks in the Levy 
The Battelle Connection: How Ryan’s Story Relates to Anthrax   
SAIC Revisted   
Kissin the Truth   
Anthrax is Illegal   
NY Times: Truth Reversal   
The Shame of Shane   

16.    The Anti-War Left’s Crisis In the Moment of Truth   
Bill Weinberg and Resistance to Truth   
Barriers to Perception   

17.    Towards a Mass Movement   
What People Said: the Northeast 9/11 Truth Conference   
Confronting Resistance to Truth   

PART IV: Synthesis=Revolution   

18.    Revolution Means a Spiritual Solution for a Spiritual Problem   
Gathering Truth   
Peace Activism Through Truth Practice   

19.    Truth Force is the Future: Meet Mahatma Gandhi   
Living the Life   
Gandhi: Radical Among the Anarchists   
Spiritual Wisdom for Political Times   

20.    Jesus Truth   
Jesus Was a Truther   
Jesus as an Essene   
Jesus Is the Buddha   
Jesus and Power  

21.    Face Reality and Annihilate Fantasy:  Zen, Truth, and Punk Rock   

The New Punk Rock Buddhists   
This is Crazy!   
Why Zen   
Priscilla’s Objects to Killing the Intellectual Horse   
Changing the Bones: Zen’s Sobering Effects  

22.    A New Kind of Country: USA as Truth Machine   

Insights at the Truth Gathering: Seeing the Radical Tools in the US Constitution   
A New Kind of Country   
The Truth Party   
Public Interest Venture Capital: A Creative Alternative to the Fed Reserve/IRS/Death Machine Finance   
Inside Job   
Bailout Nation   
What is Venture Capital?   
This Is the Ultimate Way to Say No to Bailouts   
To the Critics   

23.    The Truth Party   
The Truth Party Alternative   
The Truth Party Three Simple Virtues:   

24. Truth Party Ten Point Program

25. Confronting Dick Cheney: Truth Prevails   

Cast Iron Strength   
Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Fabricated Soviet Threat   
Cheney on 9/11   
Confronting Cheney   
“The real story is what the people are saying about 9/11.”   

Final Invocation   


"The Anti-Terror Timeline" - from:
Slingshot to the Juggernaut! My New Book Coming Out in Fall 2011:45


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