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Occupy Business School!

The People’s University of Disruptive Capitalism
The Occupy Wall Street Movement has struck a nerve by putting up entrenched resistance to the nexus of financial and political power in the USA.
We want to get away from a world of hording and secrecy and so we practice a world of free sharing and compassion...and the idea has caught on!
But what will we all be doing a year from now? What about five?
Do you want to make the spirit of Occupy a permanent force in your life? I sure do.
My name is Sander. I am a writer and a speaker. I have been a guest lecturer at some of the USA’s top universities. But what I’m best known for is starting two cool companies, Soft Skull Press and Vox Pop Inc.
Running a progressive business gives you an opportunity to make revolutionary, ethical, creative, productive activity a daily practice. You can liberate yourself from working a job you hate.
If you really want to zap the murky and mysterious problem of how financial power controls political power in this country, then study how money and the economy works, by joining the Occupy Business School network, and by learning to run your own business. Become a part of a bigger dialogue about a new economy, as we together build a new economy.
We can replace the old financial institutions in this country with ones that work, are empowering, and life-giving.
We can share wealth by sharing how wealth is created.


•    Business Plan Creation,
•    Capital Raising,
•    Triple Bottom Line Business: People, Social Impact, and Profit
•    Low Cost, High-Impact Marketing,
•    How To Hire Great Talent,
•    How To Buy Assets, Cheap
•    Bare-Knuckle Accounting: P&L Management
•    Return on Investment and Investor Relations
•    The Revolution Of The Internet

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I have a new book coming out in early 2012,  in which I talk about politics and economics, but I also talk about Zen, Jesus, Gandhi. Occupy, and the 9/11 Truth Movement. I truly believe we are all made out of God and truth. We are creatures of light. But all too often, we work jobs we hate, and we become what we hate when we do what we don’t really want to.  It’s time to turn away from constant compromises. We have wellsprings of talent and creativity that we neglect. Some of us are called to start the companies of tomorrow, companies that practice a higher code of justice, fairness, healthiness, and environmentalism.
 We need a new systemic analysis of the US economy. It is in deep crisis because of systemically skewed priorities. The tax system, the Military/Industrial complex, the Wall Street power brokers and the hedge funds are not even practicing “capitalism” these days as much as “cronyism.” They have become unable to create enough new jobs, because they can’t create enough new entrepreneurs. Six out of seven new entrepreneurs fail. There’s not enough credit out there, but what’s more, there’s not enough love. Part of Occupy Business School’s mission is to create a new social network. We are beyond winners and losers. Someone who has started and run a business that has failed has won a great life’s lesson in business, the hard way. OBS will create a “network of experience” to pair new entrepreneurs up with a “sponsor” who will be a guiding mentor to that new entrepreneur (or group of entrepreneurs).
Occupy Business School launched Dec. 3 at at Occupy Wall Street, NYC.
It will only get bigger from here. I will invite other speakers at future events.  We will teach some hard-won lessons in creating socially progressive community businesses and ventures.


We are talking about both for-profit and not-for-profit ventures here. OBS will have guest speakers from the non-profit field, and from successful social ventures. The different classes of corporations can be formed as collectives, cooperatives, or corporations designed for fast growth. Different forms can serve different needs. We’ll go over this in class.
What’s important is that we TRY something new. This economy sucks, it sucks the lifeblood out of you and it’s time we all tried an experiment in peace, truth and adventure.
It’s time for more radical social ventures. It’s time to create the machines that create jobs, create learning experiences, and create wealth. The more wealth that is created by radical lovers of truth, the more wealth we will have to invest in each other.
Mainstream business school is a expensive and not based on real world experience.
Do the math: they charge you $200K. If you finance that, that’s $200K worth of debt, plus interest. With that debt load to service, you can't DARE to do anything that is truly "disruptive, innovative, world-changing, or entrepreneurial." The few good things about capitalism are increasingly shrouded and obscured by the very system that is supposed to be training the business creators of tomorrow.
It's time to OCCUPY Business School.
OBS will always be free for the unemployed.
Sander Hicks will be on the road for most of 2012.
A great new website is on the way, which will broadcast a video blog of Hicks’s presentations on the road.  Hicks will travel with a staff videographer.
The author of this draft is open to feedback:


Sander Hicks
sanderhicksdotcom AT
Phone:  845 423 909..."Fohr"  [take THAT robots]

Thank You.

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MS Word Outline of Sander's Occupy Business School presentation at Occupy Wall Street, Dec. 3

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