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 Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 12:41:46 -0400

To: Anthony Lappe <>

OK, I have a real strong source for you to confirm the existence of UN Contract 4–

Louis Lanier, Publisher, International Diplomatic Observer

accredited by United Nations / New York HQ

was in the Clinton/Gore White House in 93, worked for Gore doing advance work (i.e. scheduling) from 91-93.

Also, one of HIS sources on this is the Israeli Consulate (Lanier also personally inherited land in Israel, and says it's a nightmare trying to figure out stuff w/ inheritance courts.....)

He confirmed Wanta is an Ambassador, although Somalia is in chaos w/ no centralized government, so it's hard to figure Somalia out.

On Wanta:

"He's an exceptional individual, and a very unique individual, one has to balance the two, you can't just take one statement from someone on him and run with it. You have to look at both sides."

On UN Contract 4:

"There were several packages floating around at the time–Ted Turner's $1 billion donation to the UN for example. Ambassador Wanta was floating UN Contract 4...Opus Dei is a tremendous organization, and Ambassador Wanta knows important people in the Vatican. I try to stay away from the banking details.

[On UN Contract 4:] Ambassador Wanta was committing to giving funding to several agencies."

Why was Ambassador Wanta taken down?

"Right. What was the flame? What Central Bank went against what we were doing? Leo Wanta had a relationship with the office of Rabin and other officers in Israel....thus, if you have that relationship, you are effectively working for the defense of the Jewish State. The Swiss Government were given an initiative to squash Wanta."

How long have you known Ambassador Wanta?

"I've known him since 1997, met him one time, when he came through New York."

That's odd, I thought he was under house arrest since about '94.

"I met him."

What was the Clinton/Gore White House attitude on UN Contract 4?

"Well, the funding never went through. Foster was interested in it. He had orders to deposit $250 million into the Children's Defense Fund."

But why does the CDF suddenly get $250 million out of this? Is is because the Clintons see a lot of money floating and decide their favorite charity deserves a $250 million of it?

"That's well put."

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