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Vreeland interview



Navy pier [in chicago]

World Bank malaysia

Scotia Building Toronto

Parliament Building Ottowa

World Bank

Lian Chemical Malayasia (where they make Anthrax/Malayasia)

PROB–they will paint me crazy …

Answer–let one happen stop the rest!!!

? Marc (underneath KGB)

V-Team Henrey (V —team is Naval Intelligence) [Henrey was Vreeland’s partner]

World Trade Center (Dr. Haider) just his alias forget his real name it escapes my memory right now

  • who’s his contacts? [i.e. how was he getting information out and in from when he was, in jail?]


[Beijing Olympics]

Dock’s is a Navy hang out in Fla.

Ottawa Embassy are Russian/Boston


Vladivostok/Kray [The guy who drafted the bilateral agreement between the Russian/Chinese]

[These are my own personal notes.]

[The only way to understand the whole thing is to read the whole memo. We have not made that public yet. A big YET on that.]

Under the m_16, M-234 rag with a kinetic projectile launcher, why is that there? "no comment. That was there for my own personal references….

[….maybe this is a ref. To hypothetical weapons sales to Malaysia?….]




[Vreeland comments on living in the Scotia Building, Toronto (?)–]

court ordered that I live there…I don’t ever go anywhere

my mother didn’t even recog me last time she saw me

security is extremely high because of the people that live here.

36 floor high rise

very wealthy people live here

I can’t go anywhere 7PM — 7 AM

these notes are This is from a 37 page memorandum

Made for Chief of Naval Operations Clark

Date this written beginning of August –RESEARCH THIS

NSIS was interviewing me (Canadian)

Notes: Bin Laden

I don’t believe he had a fucking thing to do with 9/11 I don’t believe he set it up. I don’t believe it was his people. If, by speculation he did do it, he was paid to do it by someone else.

[Rense is pretty big. Figure out who he is.]

On Figaro– "I believe it."

Their explanation–I’m Nostradamus

I was predicting

Kirsk–when they raise it, it’s supposed to be sealed, esp. the passenger log.

Court date in Sept. won’t know the exact date until May 6. Paul the lawyer has it.

It will be public.

My refugee hearing will be closed, citing the National Security Act. The NSA act of 47

There are some things that the public doesn’t need to know. I’m not trying to cause a war between the US and Russia, or the US and China,

Originally from Mason, Michigan, still has family there, grew up near Grosse Point, near Detroit,



Money–Chalva Tchigirinski

[Chalva owns Moscow. He IS the mafia over there.]

Zanthra – brown recluse (ref. To a spider that can kill you.) if you synthesize this spider’s venom, and you dump it into someone’s water supply, it will kill you, and no one will know why. Biological warfare.


Arms/technology exchange (the Chinese deal)

U.S. Satellites 1 & 2 – Why Bush?

[Why is there a Check mark here?– I was questioning why he was launching both satellites, one and two. He didn’t launch the satelittie until Putin tore him on national TV. When Bush backed out of the ABM treaty. Putin told him to his face that Star Wars didn’t work. Putin was not joking about it one bit. Bush turned blue. You could see it in his eyes, he was very pissed off.]

I know people who know George Bush Sr. personally.

On the Bush bin Laden connection? [V. said in effect, it goes way back before 1978, it goes back to the 1940s….Roosevelt seized Saudi Arabian assets.]

"I haven’t talked to my kids in god damn two years except once, one time in two years."

On his DUI arrest in NYC–

Was at UN, drunk, drove Limo, me and some military people, drove it wrong way on one way street.

Military got me out real quick.

Air bags knock you out, shot gun shell, they thought I broke my back.

The original copy of this document – no one knows where it’s at, but we’ll know when we go to court in September, Last seen 9/14/01

[When V. wrote it in Aug. 2001 and handed it to Canadian authority:]

He said "moterfucker, why did you hand this to me

Turned "mageneta"

The Canadians don’t dispute the fact that I wrote this document before 9/11. They don’t dispute that fact and in fact put it in writing .

The papers in Japan, China, europe calling me "modern day James Bond."

In jail in Canada for?–

"Bunch of lies"

Arrested dec 6, issues of fraud, "threatening death," [Section 254-1 of candian code] I can’t say his name, just a blanket statement, I didn’t say anybody’s name, there were 6 undercover cops, I said I know who’s pulling this shit, and I’m gonna kill him." Words to that effect, It was just like saying I’m going to kill that fucking dog

It was towards a specific person.

Look at it like this, when you got 15 limos on the street, I had info on what was happening on Dec. 6, 2001, I rented a white limo, from a place two hours away from Toronto, I had my Navy cell phone and Navy pager on me, they had GPS on my phone, they knew which one I was in, supposed to meet Mark Bastien (the guy who was murdered.)

What did you want to do in August?

I wanted to avert 9/11


I don’t want to believe that he knows and he’s doing nothing.

Who in their right fucking mind would ignore this?

When a person writes something about this and ignores it?

I don’t want to believe for a minute that George Bush knew.

But then again, Roosevelt KNEW that they were going to bomb Pearl harbor, and let it happen,

FEMA records–get them, that FEMA was there on Monday, 9/10

Why wait for a reason? Fuck ‘em Nuke ‘em now. I would just bomb their fucking asses.

What innocent women and children are there now, the women are the ones popping out the little terrorists, they were fucking funding Hitler, Hitler did it, why didn’t Bush?

Bin Laden, from what I’ve seen, and I’ve seen the actual documents themselves, which are not US docs which are Iraqi and Russian documents, and Afghanistan docs. I don’t believe bin Laden planned a terrorist attack vs. the U.S.

Who did?

I don’t know.

Under Clinton–

John Dalton (chief of Naval ops or Sec. Of Defense)

Captain McMarthy (was his attorney, under JAG judge advocate general, the military legal system, controls UCMJ uniform code of military justice)

"This is Capt. McCarthy. Please call me at home." He told me to shut my fucking mouth. He faxed me the law under UCMJ, telling me what I did if I broke UCMJ, under code 14,

"If someone put me in charge of wiping out somebody’s history, I wouldn’t fuck it up as bad as these guys did"

July 84 until Dec. 9 of 2000, three days after my arrest in Canada, I have the doc. From the U.S. military to prove it. They sent us this fucked up military document to prove it.

Are you a fucking idiot?

It looks OK to me.

What are you judging the forgery?

Vreeland’s records are 1200 pages,

Inside the doc they sent us, there are references to medical, physical records in ‘91

They said I went in in 85, got out in 86,

I have postmarks from letters written home in 84

[note he was listening to Russians–by Sting

it’s on track Fields of Gold]

Keep a focal point – Vreeland wrote a letter and did everything in my power to inform the US government what was going to happen. They ignored me, and now they are doctoring my military records.

The way that Ruppert has written his article is good.

If you had 5 minutes with Pres Bush?

I could not tell you what I would say to him. I am forbidden from telling you.

I am not suspecting him. I am not making a statement….I am not doing any Bush-bashing. I do not want to believe that George Bush has anything to do with this. is his site.

How did you know this?

Docs in pouch I brought back from Moscow.

Bastien was the Canadian dip . in Moscow Vreeland met with.

EMPs (electro magnetic pulse bomb)

I know someone who has photos of cannisters of Red Mercury.

How would you describe yourself politically?

Not into politics.

Do you vote?


Why not?

I have my own opinions . I just don’t vote. I see no need for it.

As a solider, do you have patriotic feelings?

Yeah. You gotta remember, it’s not America I’m pissed off at.

It’s the Government, ONI,





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